i have synced my phone LG E975K (whatever that means!) i have tried to save contacts to my gmail account. (gmail account only shows email contacts on - not the phone numbers from my smartphone) i basically dont know how to save information from my smart phone to my computer. i need a button repaired on my smart phone, and i dont want to lose all my information when i take the phone in to be repaired...

i believe there is a way to import or export? but my phone threatens me with possible loss of information, so i am scared to try it.

i see there is an option of merging contacts when i looked for info online, but my phone doesnt offer that option

i want to save all my phone information in gmail. i dont know how to do it, and i dont know how to find it if it has saved it and i dont know how to restore it to the phone after it has been repaired, if information is lost....

can anyone help, but give instructions in layman's terms or explanations........

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts - Google > Tap on your account > . Now select the checkbox for Contacts and see what is the last synced date and time shown below.
  2. Now login to your Google account and go to Google contacts. You will be able to see all the synced contacts

amp and Running UV 100 Shoes Green Triton Bag Puma with Sunglasses TNF Men Black Free Gym DUTCmR From Panel: Make sure you export all your contacts from sim/phone to gmail account via phonebook, then sync contact again through the direction given above.

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